What 3rd party software do I need to use to qualify for the Exchange Fee Waivers?

Here is the list of software the CME Group has approved due to their ability to execute trades through a qualifying broker. This list will grow as the CME Group approves additional partner products. Agena Trader Amibroker ATrader Deltix Ensign Windows Investor/RT IQBroker Marex Market Analyst Market Delta Medved Trader MotiveWave MultiCharts NeoTicker Neuro Shell

What if my Broker won’t go through the quick Qualification Process with DTN IQFeed?

Unfortunately, we must have cooperation from you Broker in order to provide you exchange fee waivers. There is no reason for a Broker not to do this. If they refuse, we would suggest finding a Broker who is interested in satisfying your specific requirements (which should include providing you cost effect and professional trading tools).

How is this program different from the original CME Exchange Fee Waiver program?

On March 1, 2014, the CME Group terminated the Exchange Fee Waiver program in exchange for the new Non-Professional Globex Data program. Instead of completely waiving fees, the exchange is charging a reduced fee as compared to the full CME Group exchange fees. To qualify under the old Exchange Fee waiver program, you needed to

When did this program go into effect?

This program replaced the CME Exchange Fee waiver program on March 1, 2014. Customers who participated in the CME Exchange Fee waiver program as of February 28, 2014 were grandfathered in and continued to receive fee waivers through the end of 2014.

What if I want data other than CME Group Globex Data?

No problem! You just need to pay the exchange fees for the other exchanges or non-globex data and you will receive this data in real time as well. As always, any data you don’t choose to receive in real time will still be available to you delayed at no extra charge (unless the exchange charges

What if I use a software that doesn’t provide the ability to trade through my broker?

Unfortunately, it is an exchange requirement that your software interface that utilizes DTN IQFeed must be able to execute trades to your broker. If the software you use doesn’t have an order entry interface, or that order entry interface doesn’t work with your broker, the exchange will no approve the exchange fee waivers for your

How much does the Non-Professional CME Globex Data cost?

As long as you qualify for the Non-Professional CME Globex data package, you will need to pay the following exchange fees: $2.10/month per exchange or $5.25/month for all 4 for Level I. $13.25/month per exchange or $33.60 /month for all 4 for Level II.  

What does the Non-Professional CME Globex Data package get me?

If you qualify as a Non-Professional per the criteria outlined here, you can choose to receive access to CME Group Globex data (includes the Eminis) in real time at a reduced fee. Globex only data packages are available from the CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. You just pay the DTN IQFeed service fees and the