The DTN IQFeed Academy is built with the purpose to help you the user to learn how to setup and use your IQFeed system; keep up to date with new releases and answer you general user questions.

To use this Academy site, here are a few tips!

  • Clicking on the DTN logo in the upper left hand corner of your screen will always take you back to the Home screen.
  • In the upper right hand corner, you will see an icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Click on the icon to bring up the search function. Put in your keyword and hit enter on your keyboard to search the site.
  • Throughout the Academy site, you will see words in green. When you see this, that is a link that will take you to additional information.
  • Check the Notices page to find out what is happening with DTN and IQFeed!
  • If you need further help, DTN has a whole team waiting to help you. Select Contact Us on the Menu bar to reach the following departments:
    • Billing
    • Customer Success
    • Technical Support
  • This Academy site is created for you the user. All feedback is welcome. If there is something that is missing that you would like added, please let us know! We are always striving to improve the customer experience.