ANNI allows investors to make better trading decisions by combining technical analysis, fundamental analysis, advanced neural network technologies and genetic algorithms all in one, easy to use package. It comes with full Portfolio Management capabilities allowing you to do all of your financial tracking in one place. ANNI has several proprietary state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies implemented that make ANNI’s outputs highly accurate in comparison to other similar programs. ANNI also provides tools and features that will automatically search for potential opportunities in the background, quickly integrate those into your portfolio and run an array of checks and tests to assist you with your next investment decision. ANNI is specially designed to be very easy to use by a novice or allows full customization of both the prediction systems as well as the trade system for those advanced users wanting the outputs to match their particular trading strategies/goals. A 21 day trial is available


AbleSys Corporation (ASC) is a worldwide leader in universal financial trading software and web application. As the creator of the benchmark ASCTrend indicator, AbleSys has long been synonymous with cutting edge financial trading technology. AbleSys strives to develop innovative products and services that meet users’ evolving need in the Internet age. Founded in 1994, AbleSys is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with the CFTC, specializing in trading software and internet applications. Products include AbleTrend, ASCTrend, and WinTick. Since 1997 each year, AbleTrend was honored with the Readers’ Choice Awards of Stocks & Commodities magazine in Stock Trading Systems, Future Trading Systems, and Options Trading Systems.

Agena Trader

AgenaTrader is an extremely powerful, multi broker trading software which goes a step further than comparable trading tools. Besides discretionary and full automated trading, semi-automated trading is also integrated.

  • Open up to 2000 Charts at once
  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time
  • Scan thousands of instruments in different time frames
  • Drag & Drop signal and strategy programming
  • Deep integrated risk and money management
  • Automated calculation of the order size
  • Semi-automated trade management
  • Multi-Brokerage / Multi-Datafeed at the same time
  • Full-automated trading with AgenaScript (C#/.Net)

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


AlphaLogic delivers an information advantage through unique analytics. Our alphaPlatform enables you to use these analytics as well as view high quality charts and quotes (including the unique horizontal volume histogram). We offer traders free use of our charting and quotes module, which includes real-time and historical data from your IQFeed, storable workspaces, trendlines and more. AlphaLogic charges only for analytic packages you choose, many of which are available for free trial use. We also support development of your own analytics through our programming API or our Eclipse plug-in, which enables traders to create analytics with minimal Java knowledge.

AlphaLogic is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and has developed its analytics in its own trading and in partnership with institutional clients.


AmiBroker is an award-winning, real-time analysis platform for stocks, mutual funds, and futures. Designed for individual investors having limited experience as well as professional investors, AmiBroker delivers advanced charting, high-speed portfolio-level backtesting, optimization, user-defined alerts, and programmable indicators in a single, powerful, yet affordable platform. Version 4.50 has been expanded to offer unique features and meet the needs of today’s more demanding investors and traders. Some of the most important additions are: sophisticated portfolio-level backtesting and optimization, extensive set of multiple time-frame functions, enhanced reporting system, and a unique composite function allowing creation of multiple-security indicators in seconds. An AmiBroker 4.50 permanent license can be purchased for the Standard Edition (USD $129) or the Professional Edition (USD $199), and includes free upgrades for one year.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with AmiBroker

Arb Maker

ArbMaker provides an end-to-end ‘pure’ statistical arbitrage method in a package until now unseen outside the customized software space. ArbMaker uses Engle-Granger methodology; handles auto-correlation & lags; optimizes variable order; and outputs extensive stats including the mean reversion coefficient, half-life, R² and t-values. Analyze pair tradability, implement proprietary normality filters and carry out full residual testing with a wide selection of graphical analyses (Z-charts, residual plots, Q-Q normality, PACF).
Back test mixed currency pairs, and set test criteria based on residual direction & position and multi-graph parameters. ArbMaker supports cross-geographic, sector and industry comparisons.

Aspen Graphics

The Leader in Charting and Technical Analysis since 1985, Aspen Graphics is the only technical analysis software you’ll ever need. Whether you trade equities, Futures, Index, options, bonds, fixed-income or mutual funds, Aspen Graphics delivers the critical market analysis tools required by market professionals with the speed, clarity and ease of use your trading demands.

  • Superior Charting
  • CBOT Market Profile, Spectrum Profile, Market Profile Plus
  • Customer Formula Writer, write/develop your own custom indicators
  • Trade execution through optionsXpress
  • Option Charting, Volatility Skewing and position management
  • News display by source, market category, and custom search criteria


BookMap xRay

VeloxPro is a boutique financial engineering and services firm and the creator of BookMap xRay for DTN IQ Feed. The perfect companion to the high quality data provided from DTN, BookMap xRay delivers the only configurable heat map display that visualizes both real-time order flow and live trade analysis information combined with historical depth-of-market (DOM) data. Our unique java-based Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine handles millions of market data updates in real time, showing you exactly how the limit order book evolves over time. This unique perspective enables traders to get faster and deeper insight into live market dynamics and short-term price action.



Our investment analysis software ELWAVE is a pattern recognition analysis tool based on the Elliott Wave principle. Generally recognized as the most powerful trading method in existence, yet very complex. Now this is within your reach. ELWAVE will do the analysis for you. Fast, reliable, objective and very consistently! And even better, fully automatic. Apart from its unique Elliott Wave tools, ELWAVE also offers many other tools, Fibonacci, simulation and charting features, which can be used in conjunction with the Elliott Wave analysis to increase its power even more. ELWAVE includes a true Elliott Wave engine with application of every Elliott rule and correct determination and ranking of price swings in the wave degrees where they truly belong up to 9 timeframes deep.

Ensign Windows

The Ensign Windows charting software is very popular with DTN IQfeed users. Ensign Windows includes the following features: Real-time charting, news, trading accounts, portfolio management, trader chat rooms, options analysis, custom quote pages, dozens of technical studies and line tools, alerts, time & sales, ticker tape, custom programming language, back-testing, user-defined symbols, on-line training videos, and much more. Plus, Ensign Software has the best Software Support in the industry. The monthly software subscription is only $49.95. Visit the Ensign Software web site to download the software and start your FREE trial today.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with Ensign Windows


Fibonacci Trader

Developed by Robert Krausz, who was featured in the Jack Schwager’s book New Market Wizards, Fibonacci Trader is a true multiple time frame analysis software package for professional traders. All charts have the capacity to plot indicators on three different time frames, which enables traders see what weekly and daily indicators are displaying compared to their intraday indicators on the same chart, all real-time. Fibonacci Trader works on all markets, stocks or futures, foreign and domestic. There are over 100 indicators and tools, many not available elsewhere.




HyperTrader redefines state-of-the-art with innovative architecture, based on Java, combine the internet technology and traditional technical analysis software flexibility, allow to use Market analysis and order entry are integrated. Click on a Level II quote to enter the symbol and price for an order. Link order entry enabled windows to charts and quote screens for instant symbol changes. You get access to listed markets and send electronic orders to any Trading Platform.

HyperTrader can help you create a strategy and back-test it using historical data, so you’ll know how it would have performed over the tested period before you implement it; can automate your strategy to alert you when it’s time to buy and sell based on the criteria you’ve specified.



Investor/RT is a powerful trading platform featuring advanced charting and market analytics. Investor/RT has been enhanced and refined over many years to meet the ongoing needs of traders and active investors. Investor/RT’s CME-licensed Market Profile functionality is unmatched. The wealth of powerful volume-driven tools and indicators makes it the ideal solution for real-time volume analysis. Advanced capabilities include trading system development tools, backtesting, real-time scanning and trading signal alerts. Investor/RT integrates seamlessly with the DTN IQFeed data service on Windows and Macintosh platforms. Investor/RT versions for after-market analysis using DTN historical data services are also available.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with Investor/RT


IQBroker is an advanced broker-neutral trading platform with high-end tools for both discretionary and algorithmic trading of equities, futures and FOREX.
Use our FREE Community Edition for research and paper trading, including our industry leading charts as well as portfolio level backtesting and optimization. Once you’re ready to go live you’ll be able to upgrade to our Professional Edition and start trading with your favorite broker.
Our features for discretionary trading include:

  • Powerful, highly customizable charts with integrated trading and a huge variety of chart types and bar types, as well as scriptable indicators, drawing tools, patterns, and signals.
  • Advanced trading tools such as Watchlists, DOM, T&S, News, Alerts and more.
  • Custom and scriptable entry and exit strategies for semi-automated trading.

Our features for algorithmic trading include:

  • A portfolio architecture designed for backtesting, optimizing, simulating and executing an integrated portfolio of sophisticated multi-asset trading strategies.
  • Portfolio level performance analysis that includes more than 70 metrics and dozens of charts.
  • An extensive, easy-to-use API with over 600 well-documented functions that can be used for writing 18+ different types of scripts using C#, VB.NET or R.NET.


IQML is a MATLAB connector to IQFeed, enabling users to leverage MATLAB’s superior analysis and visualization capabilities, with IQFeed’s reliable data-feed of live and historic market data for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, commodities and Forex. IQML can be used for both automated algo-trading and selective manual trading, as well as continuous market data feed.

Simple MATLAB commands access IQFeed’s data, in either blocking (snapshot) or non-blocking (streaming) mode:

* Live Level-1 top-of-book market data (quotes and trades)

* Live Level-2 market-depth data

* Historical, intra-day and live market data (individual ticks or interval bars).

* Fundamental info on assets

* Options and futures chains lookup (with market data, Greeks)

* News headlines, story counts and complete news stories, with user-specified filters

* Ability to attach user-defined MATLAB callback functions to IQFeed messages and market events

* User-defined custom alerts on streaming market events (news/quotes/interval-bar/regional triggers)

* Combine all of the above for a full-fledged end-to-end automated trading system using MATLAB

IQML provides a reliable, easy-to-use Matlab interface to IQFeed that works right out of the box, and was optimized for excellent performance, reliability, stability and compatibility.

A detailed User Guide is included, complete with numerous usage examples and implementation tips. A  fully-functional 30-day free trial is available for download.



MM95 has been developed over 12 years. MM95 works with DTN’s Internet or satellite feed. MM95 features interactive News, Quote, Chart, Index and Portfolio windows all within a single application. MM95 offers three types of chart windows: Day, Interval and Tic. Instantly display any number chart windows and their indicators, updating in real-time. Chart windows feature analysis techniques such as Moving Averages Stochastic, RSI, MACD, Volatility and more. Unique to MM95 are its Index windows and special charting indicators such as Cycle Peaks analysis and Time Line. MM95 leases for as low as $25 per month (1 yr. subscription). MM95 offers a 30-day free trial.

Medved Trader

Medved Trader is a comprehensive trading platform designed for active traders and investors alike: Real-time charting with one of the largest libraries of indicators, price and news alerts, specialized portfolio and Level II windows, graphical chart enabled trading, user programmable power trading hotkeys, fully customizable scans and more. The convenient user interface brings all the tools an active trader needs to your fingertips. No matter what trading style you use or markets you trade, Medved Trader can be customized to meet your needs.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


MotiveWave is a professional suite of tools that makes trading and market analysis simple. Advanced yet easy to use charts support a wide variety of analysis techniques that include the following: Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci, Gann Analysis, Advanced Commentary, Linear Regressions, General Analysis (Channels, Trend Lines, Ranges), Over 80 different analysis components, Over 50 built-in Studies and Overlays, Native support for Multiple Monitors and Compact charts designed to maximize screen real-estate. Trading and order management tools enable the following: Trade directly from the chart, Manage all trades in one location, View trade history directly on the chart, Visually manage parent and child orders, News.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with MotiveWave


MTPredictor™ is specialist risk-control trading software for both individual and institutional traders. The software is unique in using its Isolation Approach™ to massively simplify Elliott Wave and enable traders to follow its well-known 4 Stage Process – finding a trade, assessing the risk/reward outlook, determining the money management and controlling the open trade.
Traders can scan for low money risk trade set-ups and opportunities on both end-of-day (daily bar) charts and real-time (intraday bar) charts – in equities, futures, and forex. They also benefit from recent enhancements including the powerful manual Elliott Waves module, the popular Decision Point™ module and the Volume Spike alert indicator – all designed to uncover low risk opportunities or highlight high risk areas on charts.
MTPredictor supports customers comprehensively with weekly training Webinars, a two-part full-colour Trading Course, a Discussion Forum and a daily Blog.
MTPredictor v6.5 offers IQFeed users MTPredictor’s pure real-time, standalone trading analysis software for risk-controlled, professional trading.
MTPredictor Ltd. is based in the U.K. and has a Support base in the U.S., as well as a global network of resellers and affiliates.


MultiCharts is professional technical analysis and trading software, featuring professional charting, advanced analytics, strategy optimization and backtesting. With MultiCharts, traders gain access to chart analysis, trading strategies, backtesting and order execution options needed to stay on the winning side. MultiCharts is EasyLanguage®-Friendly, meaning traders can use MultiCharts trading software immediately without needing to learn another programming language. Quickly and easily access a wealth of research and analyses with MultiCharts.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with MultiCharts



NeoTicker(R) provides real-time analytics with power and flexibility that gives you an edge in trading over your competitions. Leading technologies include realistic environment simulation, trade simulator, quotes with auto-ranking / filtering by formulas and indicators, multiple time frame charts (tick, second, minute, hour, daily, etc.), indicator on indicator, scans pairs and formulas, chart in chart, high power indicators. Advanced customization architecture allowing plug-in indicators and trading systems using object-driven model. NeoTicker works with both DTN IQFeed and Satellite services.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Neuro Shell Trader

Chosen as the best artificial intelligence software for 7 years in a row by readers of “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities” magazine. The reasons are clear. Active traders and professionals use NeuroShell Trader to manage trading risk by testing ideas first – quickly and without programming. Backtest your own ideas by drawing on traditional analysis techniques, more than 800 technical indicators, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology (fast neural network software for predictions and efficient genetic algorithm software for optimizing rule selection, parameters of rules, indicator selection, parameters of indicators, time series selections, and stop and limit prices all at the same time.) Navigate volatile markets like a pro with NeuroShell Trader’s ability to combine several trading systems into models that alter trading methods when markets change. Save time by creating a single chart that contains a portfolio of stocks (or other issues).

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Ninja Trader

Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader, LLC has quickly emerged as a leading developer of high-performance trading software. The company’s flagship trading platform, NinjaTrader, is a FREE application for advanced charting, market analytics, system development and trade simulation. IQFeed provides both real-time and historical data for NinjaTrader allowing traders to use all aspects of the application for FREE! In addition when you are ready to trade live, discretionary, end-of-day and automated systems traders can trade futures, forex and equities through hundreds of supporting brokerages worldwide by purchasing a low cost NinjaTrader license. NinjaTrader, LLC sets the benchmark for trading software and continues to invest in new product development. Based in Denver, CO, NinjaTrader, LLC serves the global trading community with locations in Grand Rapids, MI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Bamberg, Germany.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with Ninja Trader 7

Getting Started with Ninja Trader 8

Nirvana Systems

OmniTrader was first released in 1994. The software is designed for one purpose – To help you find and trade prime candidates in the least possible time. OmniTrader achieves this goal by automating the analysis process using a technique called the Adaptive Reasoning Model. OmniTrader’s easy-to-understand charts contain automatic information such as trend lines and key patterns to help you further refine your trading candidate list. With the built-in portfolio and trading simulator, OmniTrader is a complete, affordable platform for individual investors who want to engage the markets.

VisualTrader Software
Released in 2002 VisualTrader was designed to offer users a revolutionary way to see more profitable trades in the market. It combines fast analysis with 3D technology to provide a unique visual display of the market. VisualTrader makes finding great trades quick and easy and gives users market direction, group consensus, and great trading candidates in less time than imagined possible.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


Option Workshop

Option Workshop is a front end application for options analysis, options modelling and trading.

The program allows traders to model, evaluate and test different trading strategies using charting and analytical tools, create customizable ‘what-if’ scenarios, and monitor the current state of the market. Also, Option Workshop has robust functionality for working with orders.

It’s features include:

  • Position analysis – control and analyze actual positions on live accounts, and model virtual option strategies
  • Strategy Charts – Graphically analyze an option’s profit/loss as well as chart the greeks. Charts can be created simultaneously for different strategies, and traders can compare them visually. Charts are highly-customizable
  • ‘What if’ scenarios – Change implied volatility, days to expiry or the underlying asset price of an option to model it in thousands of potential scenarios.
  • Volatility and theoretical price charts – Option Workshop allows you to create volatility and theoretical price charts for options series. You can select what the chart displays, such as the range of strikes and the implied volatility that is displayed
  • Market Maker – maintain bids and offers on any instrument. It’s logic is highly customizable. You can quote a bid and/or offer, setup spreads, set sensitivity to either price or volatility change.
  • Delta Hedger – designed to keep the delta of a position of options within a desired range. The user may segregate some options positions in a separate subportfolio and hedge them independently.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


Optuma is an advanced technical analysis package for advanced traders and educators. Capable of multi-touch, multi-screen functionality the software includes over 160 tools and studies, with formats including Bar, Candlestick, Point & Figure, Gann Swing and Renko charts. Easy to customise and work with any time frame, (1 minute, 4 minute, 240 minute etc.), you can even create multiple tick charts (1 tick, 10 tick, 40 tick etc). Our renowned Gann tool module features the Square of Nine and over 40 indicators dedicated to Gann analysis, time cycles and advanced Fibonacci. Download a free trial from www.Optuma.com

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Order Flow Analytics

Order Flow Analytics, Inc. offers proprietary tools and training for tracking bid/ask volume execution of liquid futures markets in an easy to follow visual and dynamic format. From unique synthetic conditional orders and pre-execution volume analysis to independent position tracking within the flow of trade, OFA provides unparalleled robust analytical tools for screen traders.


OrderFlowDashPro’s AlphaReveal IQFeed Edition is the most advanced tape reading and order flow analysis decision support software! AlphaReveal surfaces key order flow and order book information and displays it in easy to read forms. AlphaReveal makes tape reading instantly accessible to chart based traders and was purpose built to help traders achieve an optimal state of flow with the market.

AlphaReveal’s visual depth of market display is a radical improvement over traditional DOM’s found in other trading programs– combining advanced level 2 analysis, historical order flow, and real-time order flow information in one display. AlphaReveal’s powerful QuantTape(TM), advanced time and sales display, processes the order flow using advanced algorithms. The QuantTape(TM) has aggregation, reconstruction, block, and ladder displays. The QuantTape’s reconstruction algorithms can be configured to use both price and millisecond accurate trade timing to reconstruct original order size, making it possible to look for large orders hitting the market while the levels ladder display makes it easy to see if the order flow is able to drive price or is being absorbed by limit order traders.

Additionally, OrderFlowDashPro offers truly valuable trading support for both new traders and professional traders with our Quantitative Advantage program.


PairTrade Finder

Pairtrade Finder is proprietary stock trading system software used by hedge funds, fund managers and professional traders with buy and sell signals specializing in the highly profitable style of pairs trading. With free data to analyze over 100,000 stocks from stock exchanges all around the world including NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, LSE, TSE and ASX you will never be short of unique trading opportunities. Software features include back testing, charting, fundamentals, audio alerts and many more to significantly enhance your trading.

Pivot Point Research

Gann Grids Ultra Master’s software

Most application featured within our software were discovered and used by several of the most famous and highly misunderstood forecasting masters of the past, such as WD Gann, George Bayer, RN Elliot, and many others.

The Gann Grids Ultra Master’s charting software released in 2019 is a computer program which allows its users to test many of the master’s unique and unorthodox Astro, overlay and cyclical methods on screen with the simple click of a button. Our unique and specialized tools were developed to help research and test only the highest percentage worthy single system each had to offer, Thus allowing its users to set up forecasting models on most stocks, commodities or index of choice on a large number of harmonically perfect grid chart sizes just as the masters had done by hand so many  years earlier. Days, weeks or even months of forecasting research can now be completed in just seconds with our new, improved and impressive version of Gann Grids.

Price Squawk

PriceSquawk Audible Market Technology adds another dimension to the market as you know it, immersing traders in a real-time audible market environment. You can hear buyers lifting offers, sellers hitting the bids, how aggressive they are, and the resulting price action. Listening to the market improves trading performance, enhances your pattern recognition skills and accelerates the learning curve for market intuition through constant audible market exposure. By just listening, traders can constantly monitor the order flow, price action and pace of the market. PriceSquawk can be configured as an audible market tape, bid /ask strength meter and order flow alert tool across multiple markets, freeing up monitor space and providing flexibility to move around the trade desk.



The development of successful trading strategies generally requires data for analysis and backtesting. QCollector will download data from IQFeed and save it to files on your computer in ASCII text format or MetaStock data format. This data can then be loaded in programs like Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Save daily, intraday, or time and sales data and build up your own database. Schedule downloads automatically or update your data files in real-time with QCollector timed updates.


“Quantower is a multi-asset, broker-neutral trading platform that helps to make smart and confident decisions. A wide set of professional features, in addition to the constantly growing list of supported brokers and data providers, turns Quantower into the universal and powerful instrument for various asset classes and trading strategies. Quantower was founded in 2017 by the team of FinTech experts.”

Artem Topol

Send an email: [email protected]

Visit our website: www.quantower.com


QuoteIN uses the latest advances in real time data technology from Microsoft to turn Microsoft Excel into a powerful trading tool with performance levels comparable to the best stand alone quote applications while keeping Excel’s flexibility. Depending on your particular needs you may use it simply through wizards that create preformatted sheets or by fine tuning market data together with your calculations at the formula level. Support for Level 2/Market Depth , intra-day, options chains, options pricing are all included.


Seer Trading Systems

Seer Trading Platform allows users to build, backtest, optimize, debug and auto-trade their own trading system. The trading system can be built using a wide range of inbuilt technical analysis indicators or you can construct your own. Seer contains one of the worlds fastest backtesting engines and is able to perform true portfolio backtesting, use multiple time frames, use multiple systems while applying advanced risk and position management. Once a user is happy with their system Seer is able to deploy the system against a real-time feed and brokerage account for full stand alone automatic trading.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Sentient Trader

The Sentient Trader – Hurst Trading System is technical analysis software that predicts Hurst Market Cycles that are present in all instruments, i.e. Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Futures. The software generates Trading Signals in real-time, based on all of JM Hurst’s Cyclic Principles. It is the first ever system, which enables traders to maximize their trading profits, using Hurst’s most advanced analysis techniques. Sentient Trader is available as both an EOD and Intraday version.

Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is a global leader providing a professional Trading, Real-time and Historical Charting, and Technical Analysis platform for the financial markets. You have the ability to trade directly from the charts, the Trade window, and also use our exclusive ChartDOM (TM) which provides advanced and customizable order entry on the charts in a traditional price ladder format. Sierra Chart has advanced chart-based order entry which allows you to enter and modify orders with precision directly on the charts. Sierra Chart has numerous chart types from simple to advanced, technical studies and indicators, and drawing tools. You can create your own custom studies, indicators and systems using the Sierra Chart Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language or the built-in Excel compatible Worksheets. Sierra Chart is widely known for its solid, open, and highly customizable design.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with Sierra Chart

Systems Traders

SystemsTraders was founded by Frank Birch with the goal to streamline trading plug-ins and make smarter systems.

Three years on we have released two in-house products tailored for the Forex market and have more products ready for release; which have been designed for various markets and trading styles. We are proud to be the biggest third party reseller of Nirvana Systems products in Europe and work with companies such as Stocks & Commodities Magazine and MetaStock.




Open Source software with one interface and execution through 15+ brokers. 10 microsecond execution, up to 1 million ticks/second back-testing and support for 4 asset classes (futures, forex, options, equities). 25,000+ installs and 500+ developers.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


Access IQFeed’s real-time and historical quotes in your ASC Trend, Metastock Professional or Tradestation 7.x/2000i using either our MetaServer RT or OnDemand Server products. Eliminate data collection problems in TradeStation, MetaStock, ASC Trend.


TradeSharp is a broker neutral Algorithmic Trading Platform with the ability to quickly automate rule based trading. TradeSharp has been built using the .NET platform and Traders can code their strategies using C#, which can then be optimized and executed in real time for different asset classes.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


TRAFiX is a state of the art broker-neutral technology provider offering EMS, OMS & FIX Network solutions built on a scalable, low latency, high performance enterprise architecture designed specifically for the functional & regulatory demands of today’s Financial Services Industry.



The Updata Analytics platform has been widely regarded for many years running on top of leading market terminals including Bloomberg, Factset and Thomson Reuters. The software is four times winner of Best Technical Analysis Platform awarded by Technical Analyst Magazine. Updata plugs into over 50 different market terminals, trading platforms, datafeeds and databases with more services being added all the time. With this wide range of compatibility, users can conduct more advanced technical analysis, utilise powerful scanning and alerting and write and run trading strategies. Updata comes with over 1,000 pre-written custom indicators and trading strategies.

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!

Getting Started with Update


Wave 59

Use neural nets, price forecasting, and an amazing array of proprietary indicators in your own trading. Once accessible only to select CTAs and floor traders, these tools are now available to private traders for their own use. Check out our testimonials page and see why professional traders use Wave59 as their charting platform of choice. Try this program free for 30 days, and we guarantee you’ll never want to go back to your old trading software!

May Qualify for CME Group Globex Exchange Waivers through DTN IQFeed!


WealthLab 7 is a complete rewrite, addressing and improving our backtesting engine, and leveraging the 20 years of experience we’ve had developing trading software. Combined with a modern UI framework, Wealth-Lab 7 sets up the groundwork for the next 10 years of the platform.” WL7 is more than just a facelift. The backtesting engine, the heart of the application, received a transplant. Unlike its predecessor, Version 7 runs backtests – analyzing results of simulated trading using programmed strategies on historical data – on a bar-by-bar basis and in parallel on entire portfolios of instruments. This gives traders unmatched flexibility to build and test strategies that are true-to-life, the goal of all simulations.

While non-programmer traders can employ strategy building blocks, drag-and-drop indicators, and manual drawing objects. A simple buy/sell trading strategy is created as soon as you open the design surface and dropping in just one or two condition blocks completes a real trading strategy.

Sophisticated analysts will find relief that Wealth-Lab 7 is built on modern .NET Core 3.1 and comes equipped with a C# language editor and more than a dozen Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, which let programmers add analysis tools and other app customizations.

Wealth-Lab 7 has a number of innovations such as automatic trendlines, a Candlestick Genetic Evolver extension, and even survivorship bias-free backtesting. Survivorship bias occurs when analysts backtest stock indexes based on their current constituents, the survivors, while ignoring components that were removed from the index historically, most often leading to inflated hypothetical returns.

WL7 supports futures, forex, cryptos, stocks etc. from markets around the world and of course the data from IQFeed.


WinTrend is providing high quality Real-time and Historical Charting and Technical Analysis for the financial markets. Supports all types of markets: stocks, futures, indexes, spreds, currencies and options. WinTrend has a very large set of indicators, studies and drawing tools. You can create your own custom indicators and systems using the built-in scripting language or create custom studies using free Microsoft .net competitive compiles. Or use ones developed by other WinTrend users and developers. It is extremely fast with unbeatable speed in all areas. Whether you are a short-term trader requiring real-time intraday charts and advanced trade functionality or you are a long-term investor requiring only simple charts with basic trade functionality, WinTrend will do what you need and is affordable! WinTrend is being continuously improved and expanded. Come and join us and be a part of our growing community.



XLQ is a stand alone C++ application, which delivers live, intraday and historic worldwide stock market data for use in xlq, xlqCompanion, MS Excel or via other programs or programming languages through a COM interface. More than 250 formulae available. XLQ allows you to maintain a portfolio or perform personalized in-depth stock analysis the way you want, in the format you want and with the tools you want.