What is the CME Non-Professional Globex Data Package

This is a new exchange entitlement option offered by the CME Group exchange which allow customers who quality as “Non-Professional” to receive discounted access to a Globex only data from the CME, CBOT, NYMEX and/or COMEX. Effective March 1, 2014, this program replaces the previous “Exchange Fee Waiver” program that was offered by the CME group. Under this new program, Non-Professional traders who receive IQFeed data into a 3rd party application that can execute trades can choose to receive Globex only data (includes the Eminis) for a low exchange fee as low as $1 per month per exchange.

The rules to qualify as a Non-Professional are quite simple.

If you are a Trader:

You must meet the following criteria in order to qualify to receive the Non-Professional Globex Data Package.

  • You must have a fully funded futures trading account with one of the qualified brokers (see below).
  • You must be using a 3rd party application that process IQFeed data AND is able to execute trades through your broker.
  • You must be able to answer NO to all the following questions:
    • Are you currently registered or qualified with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)?
    • Are you currently registered or qualified with any securities agency, any securities exchange, association or regulatory body, in the United States or elsewhere?
    • Do you perform any functions that are similar to those that require an individual to register or qualify with the SEC, the CFTC, any other securities agency or regulatory body, any securities exchange, association or regulatory body?
    • Are you engaged to provide investment advice to any individual or entity?
    • Are you engaged as an investment advisor (as defined in Section 202(a) of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940) or asset manager?
    • Are you subscribing to the Service in your capacity as a principal, officer, partner, employee or agent of any business or on behalf of any other individual?
    • Do you receive Market Data for your business or any other entity?
    • Do you use the capital of any other individual or entity in the conduct of your trading?
    • Are you employed by an organization conducting professional activities involving buying or selling instruments (stocks, bonds, options, futures contracts, etc.) or is your organization exempt for U.S. securities laws (i.e. bank) that would otherwise require your registration?
    • Do you conduct trading for the benefit of a corporation, partnership, or other entity?
    • Have you entered into any agreement to share the profit of your trading activities or receive compensation for your trading activities?
    • Are you receiving office space, equipment or other benefits in exchange for your trading or work as a financial consultant to any person, firm or business entity?
    • Is your account either billed or contracted under a business or organization?

Click Here to see if your broker is listed as a qualified broker and make sure you are using your IQFeed data subscription with one of the 3rd party applications that can execute traders through your broker. Then, just contact your broker with your DTN IQFeed login ID and they will send DTN validation of your funded trading account. For exchange compliance, your software application that is receiving IQFeed data must be able to trader directly through your broker.

If you don’t see your Broker listed, give one of the Broker’s on our list a call as they have shown interest in providing their customers the best overall service and value to their customers. You can also have your broker give us a call and we would be happy to work to get them qualified to support this program.

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