Updated Information October 12, 2021

To improve performance with long haul circuits, we are pleased to announce DTN is upgrading and relocating its data centers to Chicago, IL.  This will place our operations closer to the Chicago-based exchanges and to major communication trunklines for other exchanges.

While this will improve reliability and reduce latency it will also require a change of IP addressing for IQ FeedDue to unexpected delays the new data for the move will be the Mid-October time-frame and the transition is intended to be seamless. We are not anticipating outages associated with this move.

login.interquote.com will continue to be the IQFeed connection address but the underlying IP addresses will be transitioned to new values.  If client IT departments have made firewall rules to allow IQFeed operation, they will need to re-configure for the new IP address ranges.


Here is what you need to know to make the changes from the existing IP address ranges to the New ones.

Existing IQFeed IP Ranges (Primary):        66.112.156.x, Ports: 60000-60020, 60050

Existing IQFeed IP Ranges (Backup):         66.112.148.x, Ports: 60000-60020, 60050

New IQFeed IP Ranges (All):       –  (CIDR:, Ports: 60000-60060


Since the intention is to gradually transition data center operation, the new IP fire wall rules will need to be put in place in addition to the existing rules during the transition period.  This should be done as soon as possible.  Announcements will be made when the older fire wall rules can be removed.

Questions, please email [email protected]

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