How do I sign up for a trial of IQFeed?

Click Here to go to This page will tell you more about how IQFeed will provide value to you as a user. Look for the GET IN TOUCH button. Click on that button and answer a few questions. Then you will be all set!

Is there a referral program?

For a customer referral leading to an IQFeed subscription, DTN offers a $100 credit to apply to your DTN services. Please contact DTN IQFeed Sales for more details.

How do I reactivate my old account?

If you are a former DTN IQFeed user, visit the DTN Online Account Management Portal at and sign in with your old DTN IQFeed User ID and password. If you don’t remember your login credentials, please contact DTN IQFeed Support. Once signed in, be sure to update your account information (billing, address, phone, etc.).

How do I skip the DTN IQFeed trial and subscribe?

All subscriptions begin as trials. However, you are welcome to forgo any remaining trial period and subscribe at any time. Simply visit your account online ( and click the Subscribe Now button on the Existing Accounts page to begin the subscription process.

What is your DTN IQFeed cancellation policy?

DTN IQFeed is a month-to-month service. As such, you can cancel at any time. There is no long-term commitment or contract, unless you agree to a discounted annual rate.

How am I billed for service?

You are billed on the first day of every month, using the credit card provided on your account.

What discounts are available?

DTN offers a 10%, 20% and 30% discount off our service fees for customers who lock into a quarterly, annual or two year license agreement, respectively. Please contact DTN IQFeed Sales if you are interested in receiving one of these discounts.

Do I have to pay any exchange fees?

The exchanges require that we collect, in effect, “royalty” fees for data access. The rates vary depending on the exchange and the subscriber’s professional / non-professional status. We support the CME’s non-pro fee structure for qualified customers, which can reduce exchange fees to as low as $2.10. Note that most exchanges waive their fees during

How much does your data feed cost?

You can find all of our service and exchange fees here. The IQFeed Core Service includes: DTN market statistics Delayed data and history on many exchanges Four news feeds (Benzinga Pro, PR Newswire and Business Wire) 24×5 free technical support 500 simultaneous symbols limit The ability to fee multiple compatible software programs at the