IQFeed IP Address

DTN has relocated it’s Data Centers to Chicago, IL. This will place our operations closer to the Chicago-based exchanges and to major communication trunklines for other exchanges IQFeed IP Ranges: – (CIDR: Ports: 60000 – 60060 The will continue to be the IQFeed connection address with the above underlying values.

Why is my data delayed?

Real-Time data is only available through DTN IQFeed when an exchange has been added to your DTN IQFeed Core Service. If you believe you are subscribed to an exchange but are still seeing delayed data on that exchange, please contact DTN IQFeed Support.

Can I use DTN IQFeed on more than one computer at the same time?

No. While you may install DTN IQFeed on as many computers as you wish, you can only connect with your DTN IQFeed user ID on one computer at a time. If you attempt to connect on a second computer, DTN IQFeed will be disconnected from the first computer.

How fast is the DTN IQFeed?

DTN IQFeed is one of the fastest internet-based data feeds available for the trading markets. Since it runs over the internet, it is to be expected that there will be latency based on your internet bandwidth and the distance the data has to travel. With a good connection, it is not uncommon for a U.S.

What are the technical requirements need to run DTN IQFeed?

OS: Windows 10 / 11 Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 Processor (or AMD equivalent). The faster the processor (higher GHz), the better it will perform for streaming data. Also, more CPU cores can help with historical data downloads. RAM: 4 GB minimum; 16 GB recommended (the more symbols you watch, the more RAM

I just subscribed – why can’t I connect?

Be sure that you have installed the lasted version of DTN IQFeed (download here) and that you are using a partnered 3rd-party software. If so, and you are still having problems connecting to DTN IQFeed, please contact DTN IQFeed Support.