Changes that will impact develoment:

  • 6.0 Protocol added to all socket types
  • COM functionality will be maintained for protocols 5.2 and earlier, but will not receive future updates
  • History interval requests using the 6.0 protocol now use the time at the beginning of the interval for their labels as opposed to the end. A parameter has been added to all interval requests, where the old behavior can be chosen.

MajorĀ  Changes:

  • Display applications have been redesigned to a standard ribbon based UI
  • More display applications are now included with the installer
  • Updated the icons for all display applications
  • The IQFeed installer includes a folder on the desktop that contains shortcuts to the desktop apps
  • Added the ability to save a reload your current workspace

Minor Changes:

  • Added a download link to the right click menu
  • Numerous enhancements to streamline current processes
  • Corrected a bug where negative volumes could be reported for very large volumes
  • Removed the shortcut to the deprecated IQLink Launcher app. The app is still available, but should no longer be used
  • Removed the version number from the start menu
Category: Release Notes