IQFeed v6.2.1.20 – 2024/06/07

Changes since the last Release Click on title above to see all the changes in this release.

IQFeed v6.2.1.14 Beta Release – 2023/05/15

This version is now posted on as a public release. IQFeed v6.2.1.14 (Beta) – May 15th, 2023 – Changes since Last Release ( Display Apps / Installer / Misc. Changes: All display apps – Added a jumplist to app’s taskbar right-click menu which can be used to launch any of the IQFeed apps. All

IQFeed v6.2 – 2021/09/17

Datafeed and API Changes: NEW MARKET BY ORDER FEED – This version implements orderbook for CME and ICE exchanges. Significantly reduced bandwidth for real-time and delayed streaming data when using IQFeed 6.2 when compared to IQFeed 6.1. 64bit! – IQConnect (the main feed component) and all display apps are now 64bit.  We will no longer

IQFeed v6.2 (Beta version) – 2021/05/04

NEW FEATURE – IQFeed core components are now 64bit.  This includes IQConnect and all display applications/utilities distributed with the feed but does not include legacy EOL components that are distributed for backwards compatibility. NEW FEATURE – MBO and unlimited depth price levels for futures symbols on exchanges with MBO data.  Nasdaq Level 2 data (equities)

IQFeed v6.0.0.4 – 2018/06/06

Fixed bugs causing option chains settings not being used when making requests. Fixed bug allowing S,SET PROTOCOL,4.9 command on the L1 port to set the 5.0 protocol instead of returning an error message. Updated news to show all headlines on launch Installer now registering chart control proplerly. SnapQuote now clears the grid and puts the

IQFeed v6.0.0.1 – 2018/03/27

Changes that will impact develoment: 6.0 Protocol added to all socket types COM functionality will be maintained for protocols 5.2 and earlier, but will not receive future updates History interval requests using the 6.0 protocol now use the time at the beginning of the interval for their labels as opposed to the end. A parameter

IQFeed v6.1 – 2019/09/04

New Market Summary File Lookup! (more about this below) Level1 update/summary messages now include the Trade Aggressor (limited exchanges) and Trade Day Code (all exchanges) fields. Level1 fundamental messages now include Base Currency, Contract Size, Contract Months, Minimum Tick Size, First Delivery Date, Open Time, Close Time, FIGI, and Security Subtype. Historical Tick data requests also now include Trade Aggressor and Day Code. There is now an visual alert