Changes since the last Release

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Display Apps / Installer / Misc. Changes:
  • All display apps – Added a jumplist to app’s taskbar right-click menu which can be used to launch any of the IQFeed apps.
  • All display apps – Standardized behavior across all display apps when user presses F1 key to open the about box.
  • All display apps – Updated about box to include link to support contacts as well as basic feed message stats for that instance of the app.
  • All display apps – Updated displays to scale better under windows scaling settings > 100%
  • All display apps – Updated Title bar to have same format.
  • All display apps – Now have status bars that can be toggled on/off.
  • Diagnostics – Updated Netstat and Connectivity tabs to properly highlight and test against our Chicago DC.
  • Diagnostics – Updated Netstat tab with option to only show IQFeed related entries.
  • Option Chains – Updated Greeks:
    • Added the ability for users to select the calculation model between Cox-Ross-Rubenstein Binomial Model (CRR) or Black-Scholes.
    • CRR is available for both European and American style options.
    • Black-Scholes is available for European Only.
    • User can also specify which volatility calculation they want to use in the Greeks calculations.
    • Note that these calcs are still only available in the option chains display app.
  • Option Chains – Will now sort blank vallues to the bottom of the grid in both Ascending/Descending
  • Scans – Fixed bug causing client to send a bad request to the server.
  • SnapQuote – Updated to support 64bit values for all volume fields as well as Debt, Common Shares Outstanding, Market Cap, Open Interest, and TickID.
  • Time&Sales – Added News column got tick/minute data (off by default). When added to the display, a request for news headlines will be merged into the historical data.
  • Time&Sales – Fixed bug causing column order to not save correctly.
  • Time&Sales – Fixed bug causing a bad error message when saving a file.
  • Time&Sales – Added support for blanking fields in streaming data. Previously these values were displayed as zeros.
  • Time&Sales – Fixed bug causing right-click menu items to not work.
  • Watchlist – Fixed bug causing column sizes to not be saved properly
  • Watchlist – Removed prompt for user to save default watchlist if there was no changes when closing the app or opening a new watchlist.
  • Watchlist – Removed ability to get notifications via email for alerts.

Datafeed and API Changes:
  • Security update to disable modified IQConnect processes from connecting to the servers.
  • Fixed bug allowing the S,CONNECT to still function when the feed should be shut down due to multiple machine login scenario. This was resulting in unexpected logoffs when users workload included software that supported this command in the API.
  • Added timeout on authentication that automatically closes the connection to the server 5s after authentication completes. On some machines, this trigger is getting lost (suspect some conflicting software) resulting in authentication hanging indefinitely.
  • Added handling and log entry for crash caused by port 5905 being in use during launch. This port is used internally by zeromq and if this port is not available, IQFeed will not run correctly.
  • IQConnect – Added Log message and notification balloon when IQFeed detects a port conflict on the machine.
  • IQConnect – Fixed bug allowing all ports to appropriately set the default client name as the connecting process. This was previously partially implemented and not working on some ports.
  • IQConnect – Fixed bug allowing invalid time values to be populated into Open┬áSession Time and Close Session Time fields in the fundamental message.
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