CME Micro contract changes

DTN has been informed by the CME that Micro contracts are not eligible for the E-mini reduced rate packages. We will be removing all Micro based roots from these packages. To continue to get Micro contracts in real time, you will need to subscribe to the full rate CME or CBOT exchange fee. The change

Option Market Stats Changes

Effective August 27th, 2023, we will no longer be calculating exchange-specific option market statistics. Rather, the statistics will be composite totals. The [exchange identifier] will now be O for all statistics.  For example: [Type] + [option type] + [exchange identifier] + [symbol type] + [descriptor] + [.Z] =  Options Market Stat OPOT.Z =  OPTION PUT

WASDE Ticker Symbol Enhancements – 2022/02/07

In a recent release, DTN has made several improvements to the ticker symbols for the WASDE report! The existing symbols have not changed and will continue to update as they have, however they have been enhanced: Multiple fields (FIDs) have been populated to note the marketing year. Date Range: Available in Quote displays (e.g., Quote

Index Changes & New Symbols

Changes: To make our data handling more consistent, SOFR.X and EFFR.X will now reflect the trade date and history date for the business day they represent. This will result in changes in the historical data for these symbols, essentially shifting the values backwards 1 day. This change will be effective as of 8:00 a.m. CT, February 4,  2023. New

CME Changes Lead Month Roll Procedure – Update

Effective Sunday, June 12 (trade date Monday, June 13), the lead month roll procedure for E-mini S&P 500 and Micro E-mini S&P 500 futures will be amended on CME Globex as follows: Update 7/18/2022 The above Roll Rules will also impact the following contracts: @NQ @EMD @RTY @YM This will include the micros also.