What exchanges are available through IQFeed?

Futures: ASX, BM&F, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, CBOE, CBOT, CME, COMEX, Dalian (End of Day), Eurex, Euronext (Commodities Derivatives, Equity/Index Derivatives), ICE (U.S., Canada, Europe Commodities, Europe Financials), London Metals, MCX India (EOD), Minneapolis Grain, NYMEX, SAFEX/JSE, Singapore, Tokyo (EOD), ZhengZhou (EOD) Equites: LSE, NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE American, OPRA, OTC Markets, Toronto Indexes: Bloomberg, CBOE, CME

What kind of data do you have available?

Trading Markets: IQFeed provides real-time data on U.S. and Canadian Equities, Equity Options, London Equities, U.S. and International Futures, Futures Options, Indices, Market Statistics, Forex and more! News: IQFeed provides real-time streaming news from industry-leading sources, and comes standard with Benzinga Pro, RTTnews.com, PR Newswire, and Business Wire (other newswires available for additional fees). Years

What if I use a software that doesn’t provide the ability to trade through my broker?

Unfortunately, it is an exchange requirement that your software interface that utilizes DTN IQFeed must be able to execute trades to your broker. If the software you use doesn’t have an order entry interface, or that order entry interface doesn’t work with your broker, the exchange will no approve the exchange fee waivers for your

How much does the Non-Professional CME Globex Data cost?

As long as you qualify for the Non-Professional CME Globex data package, you will need to pay the following exchange fees: $2.10/month per exchange or $5.25/month for all 4 for Level I. $13.25/month per exchange or $33.60 /month for all 4 for Level II.  

What does the Non-Professional CME Globex Data package get me?

If you qualify as a Non-Professional per the criteria outlined here, you can choose to receive access to CME Group Globex data (includes the Eminis) in real time at a reduced fee. Globex only data packages are available from the CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. You just pay the DTN IQFeed service fees and the

Do I have to pay any exchange fees?

The exchanges require that we collect, in effect, “royalty” fees for data access. The rates vary depending on the exchange and the subscriber’s professional / non-professional status. We support the CME’s non-pro fee structure for qualified customers, which can reduce exchange fees to as low as $2.10. Note that most exchanges waive their fees during

How much does your data feed cost?

You can find all of our service and exchange fees here. The IQFeed Core Service includes: DTN market statistics Delayed data and history on many exchanges Four news feeds (Benzinga Pro, RTTnews.com PR Newswire and Business Wire) 24×5 free technical support 500 simultaneous symbols limit The ability to fee multiple compatible software programs at the

What are the technical requirements need to run DTN IQFeed?

OS: Windows 10 / 11 Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 Processor (or AMD equivalent). The faster the processor (higher GHz), the better it will perform for streaming data. Also, more CPU cores can help with historical data downloads. RAM: 4 GB minimum; 16 GB recommended (the more symbols you watch, the more RAM