How do I qualify for or complete the CME Exchange Fee Waiver?

The CME Globex waiver program requires three things: The user must have a fully funded trading account with a qualified participating broker The user must be using a 3rd party software that runs with IQFeed and can execute trades through their broker The user mus qualify as a non-professional trader If your broker is Interactive

What is available with the trial?

Seven calendar days* of access to IQFeed Real-Time streaming quotes on equities, futures, indexes, and options for the exchanges you select during the trial registration Real-Time streaming news 3,400+ DTN market statistics Limited historical data (4 days of intraday, 365 days of daily) 24×5 technical support (via phone, chat, and email) * Trial length may

What is the difference between IQFeed and DTN.IQ?

IQFeed is a true, unfiltered, tick-by-tick data feed. It includes several standalone apps (chart, news, SnapQuote, etc.), although it primarily powers dozens of 3rd party software applications with both streaming and historical data. DTN.IQ is a legacy DTN software product that runs on IQFeed (the data feed). DTN.IQ includes all of the apps from IQFeed

How reliable is IQFeed?

As a provider of true unfiltered tick-by-tick data, IQFeed is hard to beat. We have multiple ticker plants and data centers to ensure that IQFeed is one of the most reliable market data providers available. And our 24×5 customer support (phone, chat, and email) is unmatched, expediting attention to your questions or concerns. Most of

How much tick history is available for download?

Users can download up to 180 calendar days* (includes weekends and holidays) of tick history outside of U.S. equity market hours (9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday). During this market time, the download is limited to eight calendar days. Note that this restriction does not impact minute or daily history. * Trial

How much historical data is available?

180 calendar days of tick (every trade)* 10+ years of 1-minutes historical bars* 20+ years of daily historical bars* * Trial users are limited to four days of intraday history and 365 days of daily bars.

What software programs and partners support your data feed?

Most of the industry-leading software on the market supports IQFeed. For a list of compatible software, please visit our Compatible Software page. If you don’t have a 3rd-party software, you can use Microsoft Excel of’s Free Calc software. If you are a developer, you may want to enquire with our sales team about our