Chart Overview

The DTN_IQ Chart identifies trading trends. It displays Price, Volume, Candlestick, and Indicator Charts. It can also display from one to three moving averages for a symbol by tick or by a specified time period, and it can display Trendlines and Bollinger Bands.

You can draw a Chart for an equity, index, or mutual fund.

  • Equity is any common or preferred stock.
  • Index is a mutual fund whose portfolio matches a broad-based index, such as the S&P 500-Composite-Stock Index.
  • Mutual fund is operated by an investment company with money from shareholders.

You can chart a symbol’s progress by ticks, by a specified number of minutes, daily, or weekly.

  • Tick data display each individual trade.
  • Minute data are accumulated tick information based on the interval you select.
  • Daily and weekly data are historical data for the past two years.

You can customize the Chart and select colors for its various components. You can display a Chart with or without grid lines. You can also print Charts.

You can open multiple DTN_IQ Chart windows at one time and draw a Chart with different settings in each window.

The DTN_IQ Chart window consists of the following:

  • Toolbar with buttons and drop-down menus from which to make your selections.
  • Price Chart of the trading trends for an equity, index, or mutual fund by tick or specified time period.
  • Optional
  • Volume Chart
  • Candlestick Chart
  • Indicator Charts
  • Moving Averages
  • Trendlines
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Status bar with the task the system is performing such as loading data or loading tick, the symbol such as IBM, and the Chart type such as tick or minute.

You can use the buttons and menus on the toolbar to setup and draw Charts. The following table presents the functions you can perform with the Chart toolbar buttons and menus.

To perform this function: Click on:
Select a symbol  
Search for a symbol  
Draw a Price Chart or Candlestick Chart  
Customize Chart  
Print the current Chart  
Zoom in for a close-up view of the Chart  
Zoom out for a full view of the Chart  
Toggle grid lines on and off  
Select a Chart interval  
Select the number of minutes  

The Chart status bar displays the following information:

  • Current task the system is performing, such as Loading Minute Data, Loading Tick Data, or Ready
  • Number of data points retrieved
  • Symbol, such as IBM
  • Symbol type, such as equity, index, or mutual
  • Chart increment, such as tick, minute, daily, weekly, monthly
  • For minute data, minute interval