DTN.IQ SmartBar Overview Help

When you connect to DTN.IQ, the DTN.IQ SmartBar appears. The SmartBar contains the icons for all DTN.IQ applications.

 Here is an example:

You can customize the SmartBar by selecting its location on your desktop and its title bar colors. You can also set up DTN.IQ workspaces to open selected applications automatically.

When you right click on the DTN.IQ SmartBar, a menu of available options appears. The following table presents the right mouse menu options you use to perform the SmartBar functions.

To perform this function: Click the right mouse button and select
Select the SmartBar location Preferences
Select the SmartBar title bar colors Options
Show or hide the company logo Options
Select Color Printing for DTN.IQ Applications Options
Check for DTN.IQ Application Updates Check for Software Updates
Create workspaces Workspaces > Workspace Manager
Edit workspaces Workspaces > Workspace Manager
Delete workspaces Workspaces > Workspace Manager
Open workspaces Workspaces > Workspace Manager
Open workspaces automatically upon connecting to DTN.IQ Workspaces > Auto-Launch Options
Minimize workspace applications Workspaces > Minimize Workspace
Restore minimized workspace applications Workspaces > Restore Workspace
Close workspace applications Workspaces > Close Workspace
Disconnect from DTN_IQ Disconnect
Connect to DTN_IQ Connect
Select Trading Providers for DTN_IQ Applications Trading
Display DTN_IQ online help Help
Check the version number About DTN_IQ