The following items are available as DDE Links (some fields require IQFeed 4.0 or greater):

Data Column Description
% Chg Ratio of Change / Close
% Held Percent held by institutions
52wk High Highest trade price in the last 52 weeks
52wk High Date Date 52 week High was set
52wk Low Lowest trade price in the last 52 weeks
52wk Low Date Date 52 week low was set
5yr Growth % 5 Year Growth Percentage
7day Yield Yield is the income generated by an investement over a seven-day period (after expenses). This yield is then annualized by assuming the account will earn the same reate each week for 52 weeks. Then the total income is show as a percentage of the orifinal investement (Money Markets).
A Size Largest number of shares represented by a single order at the best ask price
Alerts If any alerts are set for the symbol
Ask The lowest price a stock or commodity is offered for sale. Displays the best ask currently available.
Ask Chg Difference between the current Ask price and the previous Ask Price
AskTime Time the Ask Price was last updated.
Assests Total Assests
Avg Mat Average number opf days until maturity (Money Markets)
Avg Vol 30 day average trading volume
B Size Largest number of shares represented by a single order at the best bid price
Bal Dat Balance sheet date
Beta Measures a stock's volatility in relation to the rest of the market as measured by the S&P 500 Index
Bid The highest price a prospective buyer is prepared to pay for a security. Displays the best bid currently avialable
Big Chg The difference between the current Bid price and the previous Bid price
BidTime The time the Bid Price last updated
Bid Tick Indicates if the current bid is higher or lower than the previous trade (NASDAQ stocks only)
Cal High Calendar Year High
Cal High Date Date Calendar Year High was set
Cal Low Calendar Year Low
Cal Low Date Date Calendar Year Low was set
Days to Exp Number of days until the contract expires (Options and Futures)
Change Today's Change (Last - Close)
ChgFrmOpn Today's change since market open (Last - Open)
Close Yesterday's closing trade price
CloseRange Closing Price Range
CloseRange2 Closing Price Range 2
Delay Number of minutes a quote is delayed (Exchange Mandated Delay) - Delayed Quotes Only
Div Amt Most recent dividend amount
Div Pay Date Dividend Pay Date
Div Rate Indicated annual dividend rate based on latest payment
Div Yield Dividend Yield - The latest annual dividend divided by the last price of the security multiplied by 100
EPS Latest Quarter Earnings Per Share
Est EPS Next year earnings per share estimate
Next Year EPS Next year earnings per share estimate
ET Change Extended Trading Change (ET Last - Yesterday's Close)
ET Diff Extended Trading Difference - Difference in price since market close (ET Last - Last)
ET Last Extended Trading Last - Last trade price including pre and post market trades (only on NASDAQ)
Ex Div Interval of time between the announcement and payment of a confirmed dividend. An investor who buys stock during this period is not entitled to the dividend
Exchange Exchange the symbol is traded on
Exp Date Contract Expiration Date
Fisc Yr End Fiscal year end
High Today's highest trade price
Hist Vol 30 day historical volatility
Last Last trade price
Latest Headline On Watch List, displays the latest headline for symbo since the Watch List was opened.
Leap Symbols Leap symbol(s)
Liabilities Current Liabilitites (millions)
Listed Market Primary Listed Exchange
Low Today's lowest trade price
LT Debt Long Term Debt
Mkt Center Market identifier for NASDAQ (BB = OTC Bulletin Board, SC = NASDAQ Small Cap Market, NAT = NASDAQ National Market)
Mkt Cap Total market capitalization (Last Price * common shares outstanding)
Name Description / Name of the Company or Ticker symbol
NAV Net Asset Value - The market value of a mutual fund share equal to the net asset of a fund divided by the total number of shares outstanding
News On Watch List, the number of news stories for today.
Notes On Watch List, user entered notes
Open Today's opening trade price
Open Int Open Interest - The total number of futures or futures options contracts that have not been executed, closed out, or allowed to expier
OpenRange Open Range
OpenRange2 Open Range 2
Options Symbols Base Option symbol(s)
P/E Price to Earnings ratio - The price of a stock divided by the reported earnings from the last 12 months.
Prev Vol Total cumulative volume for the previous trading session.
Range Trading Range for the current day (high - low)
Regional Vol Today's regional cumulative volume for NYSE and AMEX stocks only
Regions List of Regional Exchanges Trading
Restricted Identifies if a NASDAQ stock is restriced from short sales. Click here for list of Security Types.
Settle Settement price for today
SIC Standard Indrustry Classification Code
Shares out Common shares outstanding (thousands)
Split 1 Date 1st Split Date
Split 1 Ratio Split Ratio
Split 2 Date 2nd Split Date
Split 2 Ratio Split Ratio
Spread Difference between Bid & Ask Price
Strike Stike Price for Options
Symbol DTN Symbol for the issue being watched
T Time Time of most recent trade, bid or ask ("t" for a Trade update, "b" for a Bid update, 'a' for an Ask update and "o" for anything else)
TickID (reserved for future use)
Tick Trend Indicates if the current trade is higher, lower, or the same as the previous trade. Displays the last 8 values.
Trade Date Date of last trade
Trades Today The total number opf times the issue has traded in the current session
Tick Vol Trade size - size of the last trade
Tot Assets Current Assets (millions)
Type Last Trade Information: T = Trade B = Bid or Ask O = Other
Volatility Today's volatility in releation to its current price (today's range / last price)
Volume Today's cumulative volume
VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price