Logging into DTN.IQ Help

When you launch DTN.IQ from the Windows Start menu or Desktop, the DTN.IQ Login window appears. It displays your User ID, and you must enter your PIN. If you select the Save PIN option, the system displays your PIN as asterisks (*). You click on Connect to start DTN.IQ and display the DTN.IQ SmartBar.

You receive your User ID and PIN when you sign up for DTN.IQ.

To log into DTN.IQ:

  1. From the Windows Start menu or Desktop, launch DTN.IQ.

The Login screen appears.

Tip: To avoid having to enter your PIN each time you log into DTN.IQ, click on the Save PINĀ checkbox.

  1. Click on Connect.

The DTN.IQ SmartBar appears.

The DTN.IQ Message of the Day will come up in a Web Browser Window. To close the Message of the Day window, click the X in the upper right hand

To close DTN.IQ:

  1. Close any open DTN.IQ applications.
  2. Click the right mouse button in the DTN.IQ SmartBar and select Exit.