News Headlines and Articles Help

DTN.IQ News All News, Filters/Alerts or one of the News Sources tree items are divided into two panels:

  • The Top Right Panel displays headlines, a symbol representing their News Service such as CPR for PR News & CBW for Business Wire, the date/time they came in, and, optionally, the related stock symbol
  • The Bottom Right Panel displays a full article for a selected headline

You can search for headlines by symbol and display full articles for the selected headline.

You can customize DTN.IQ news by indicating how many articles to retrieve and whether or not to display the symbol column.

You can save an article to a text file and send it to a printer. You can also copy part or the entire article to the Windows Clipboard and paste it into another application.


Sample News Headline and Article

To search for a headline:

  1. From the DTN.IQ SmartBar, click on the News icon to open News.
  2. Click the Search tree item.
  3. In the Search For field, enter the symbol for the company you wish to search.
  4. You may enter a date range – optional (the default search will search all available dates)
  1. Click on OK.

The server searches all authorized news sources for stories regarding the ticker symbol entered.  The headlines matching your criteria will be displayed in the Top Right Pane.

To display a full article:

  1. From the DTN.IQ SmartBar, click on the News icon to open News.
  2. Select the All NewsFilters/Alerts, or a news source tab.
  3. Double-click on a headline.

Tip: You can search for specific articles.

The full article appears in the bottom panel.