Opening Related DTN_IQ Applications from Option Chains Help

From Option Chains you can open the following DTN.IQ applications:

  • Snap Quote, which opens a snap quote window with data for the selected symbol.
  • Chart, which creates a chart that identifies trading trends for the selected symbol.
  • News for the selected symbol.

Time & Sales, which is a scrolling window of Level I trades. You can display time and sales data for the selected symbol. Price, size, and time are displayed as trades occur.

To open a related DTN.IQ application from Option Chains:

  1. From the DTN.IQ Smart Bar, click the Option Chains icon . 
  2. Click the symbol box arrow and select a security symbol.


In the symbol box, type a security symbol.

Note: To search for a symbol, click on the Symbol Search icon. 

  1. Press Enter.


Click on Get Data icon. 

A list contracts matching your criteria is retrieved.

  1. Select one of the following applications from the right mouse menu or toolbar:
    • Snap Quote                         
    • Chart                                    
    • News                                    
    • Time & Sales