Print and Save Option Chains Help

You can print Option Chain data and Level I data for a selected symbol at any time. You can save Option Chain data to a file

To print data:

  1. Access the data you want to print.
  2. From the Options Chains or Level I right mouse menu, select Print.

Tip: To print Option Chain data, you can also click the Print icon. 

The Print dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Number of copies to print.
  2. Click on the Properties button to select Portrait or Landscape; then click on OK to close the Properties window.
  3. Click on OK to close the Print dialog box and print the data.

To save Option Chain data to a file:

  1. Display the Option Chain data you want to save.
  2. Click the File icon. 

The CSV Options dialog box appears.

  1. Select a File Format Option: Comma delimited or Tab delimited.
  2. Click the Include Column Names checkbox to include column names with the data.
  3. Select a File Write Option: Append or Overwrite.
  4. Click OK.

The Save dialog box appears, with the file name and type:

    • Comma delimited .CSV


    • Tab delimited .TXT
  1. Select the drive and folder on which to save the file.
  2. Click on Save.