SmartMarket Help

DTN.IQ SmartMarket lets you select a market and class and display data for up to 50 securities that meet the criteria. The data is updated in real time.

The following markets are available from SmartMarket:

  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • ALL

The classes are as follows:

  • Most active
  • Greatest Gainers on Percentage Change.
  • Greatest Losers on Percentage Change.
  • Greatest Equity Volatility.
  • Greatest Gainers on Change
  • Greatest Losers on Change.

The following describes the components of a SmartMarket window.

  • Markets
    • Markets available in SmartMarket: NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX
  • Class of Data
    • Most Active
    • Greatest Gainers on Percentage Change
    • Greatest Losers on Percentage Change
    • Greatest Equity Volatility
    • Greatest Gainers on Change
    • Greatest Losers on Change
  • Blank Window
    • Appears when you first open SmartMarket
  • Data
    • Data for selected market and class
  • Number of Result
    • Edits the number of results from 5 to 50

The following table describes the data on the SmartMarket window.

Column Heading Description
Symbol Symbol for the security in the selected market.
Last Last trade price.
Change Change in price from the previous day’s close.
Volume Number of shares traded for the day.
L Vol Size of Last Trade
Bid The highest price a prospective buyer is prepared to pay for a security.  Displays the best bid currently available.
Ask The lowest price a stock or commodity is offered for sale.  Displays the best ask currently available.
Name Ticker Name.

When you right click on a SmartMarket window, a menu of available options appears. The following table presents the right mouse menu options you can use to perform SmartMarket functions.

Activity Right Mouse Command
Select SmartMarket Fonts Properties
Select SmartMarket Colors Properties
Printing Data Print
Saving Data Save Data to File
Create a DTN_IQ Chart for the highlighted symbol Chart
Get a SnapQuote for the highlighted symbol SnapQuote
Access news articles for the highlighted symbol News
Show Time & Sales data for the highlighted symbol Time and Sales