Snap Quote Symbols Help

Snap Quote maintains a menu of symbols you used. You can view a Snap Quote for one of these symbols or for any other symbol. The system automatically adds symbols you enter to the menu. If you do not know a symbol, you can search for a company’s symbol.

Note: The drop-down menu can store up to 20 symbols.

To search for symbols and company names:

  1. Open a Snap Quote window.
  2. Click on the toolbar Symbol Search icon. 

The Search for Company dialog box appears.

  1. Type the name of the company whose symbol you want.
  2. Click on Search.

The system displays a list of companies and symbols that match the name you entered.

  1. Double-click on the company/symbol you want to use.

The symbol appears on the Snap Quote toolbar in the symbol box and is added to the symbol drop-down menu for future selection. The Snap Quote for the symbol appears in the window.