Trading Online from DTN.IQ Time and Sales Help

If you have an online trade account, you can submit trades directly to the exchanges from DTN.IQ Time & Sales.

Online trading works with the following DTN.IQ applications: Time & Sales, Snap Quote, Watch List, Option Chains, Watch List Alerts, and NASDAQ Level II.

To trade online from DTN_IQ Time & Sales:

  1. From the DTN.IQ SmartBar, click on the Time & Sales icon. 
  2. From the right mouse menu, select the Online Trade application.
  3. From the menus, select one of the following order types and the number of contracts:
    • Place Buy Order
    • Place Buy Close Order
    • Place Sell Long Order
    • Place Sell Short Order

Shortcut: Double-click on an ask or bid price.From the shares/contracts list, click on a contract.

  1. The information is sent to the Online Trade application.

Note: If the Online Trade application is not open, you will be able to open it now.