Trading Online from DTN_IQ Nasdaq Level II Help

If you have an online trade account, you can submit trades directly to the exchanges from DTN.IQ NASDAQ Level II.

Online trading works with the following DTN.IQ applications: NASDAQ Level II, Time & Sales, Snap Quote, Watch List, Option Chains, and Watch List Alerts.

To trade online from DTN.IQ NASDAQ Level II:

  1. From the DTN.IQ Smart Bar, click on the NASDAQ Level II icon. 
  2. From the right mouse menu, select the Online Trade application.
  3. From the menus, select one of the following order types and the number of contracts:
  • Place Buy Order
  • Place Buy Close Order
  • Place Sell Long Order
  • Place Sell Short Order

Shortcut: Double-click on the ask or bid price. From the shares/contracts list, click on a contract.

The information is sent to the Online Trade application.

Note: If the Online Trade application is not open, you will be able to open it now.