Watch List Overview Help

The DTN.IQ Watch List is a list of symbols for equities, indexes, options, futures, and other financial entities. When you open a Watch List, the data associated with the symbols are updated in real time. You can select the symbols, select the data to display for the symbols, arrange the order symbols and of data, include annotations, select colors and fonts, and set up alerts.

DTN.IQ Watch List comes with a sample Watch list. You can rename this Watch Lists and work with it or add new Watch Lists of your own.

You can open multiple Watch Lists. Each Watch List displays symbols and data for its symbols. You can customize each Watch List independently by selecting the symbols, data, order of the data, and attributes such as annotations, colors, and fonts.

The Watch List window consists of the following:

  • Title of the Watch List
  • Symbols in your Watch List
  • Data columns you select for your Watch List
  • Data updated in real time or delayed depending upon your authorizations

When you right click on a Watch List, a menu of available options appears. The following table presents the right mouse menu options you use to perform the Watch List functions.

To perform this function: Click the right mouse button and select
Trade Online The Online Trade Service

Note: Only available if you have an Partner Brokerage trade account.

Switch current window to a different Watch List Switch
Save Watch configuration and settings to a File Save
Save current Watch List as a new file name (Rename) Save As
Print Watch List Data Print
Back up Watch list – saves watch list to new file location under same name for backup purposes Backup…
Export data to file (DDE Formulas) Export Data to File
Insert a new column or new row Insert
Delete currently selected Row or Column (Must select Row or Column first) Delete
Copy Quote Copy Quote data for selected Row to the Clipboard for past of data into another application
Copy currently selected data Copy
Paste data from clipboard into Watch List (symbol lists only) Paste
Select Watch List Fonts, colors, quote precision, locked columns, etc Settings
View or hide toolbar at top of Watch List View > Toolbar
View or hide status bar at bottom of Watch List View > Status Bar
Add a New price or news Alert to Watch List Alerts
Edit an Alert Alerts
Delete an Alert Alerts
Open a Chart for a selected symbol Chart
Open a Snap Quote  for a selected symbol Snap Quote
Open a News Search for a selected symbol News
Displaying Time and Sales Data for a Selected Symbol Time and Sales
Adjust all columns to the width of the largest data element for the row Auto Size Columns
Sort selected Column automatically on a timed basis Auto Sort
Sort rows within area of selected cells Sort Selection
Add Equity Option contracts for the selected equity symbol Insert Equity Options
Display Help Help
Search for symbols Symbol Lookup…

Here are descriptions for all the data columns in the Watch List window. You can select which columns to display and arrange the columns in any order. Click here to see list of available fields.